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Sticky Systems Bringing Sustainable Order to Your Business
Are You Toiling or Tending in Your Business?
Most business owners tend to TOIL, more than they ever thought they would! They didn't know they would be working long hours day after day, year after year. As the company grew, they continue spend their time bogged down working long hours, putting out fires, dealing with recurring mistakes, and discover they are too worn out to enjoy the fruit of their labor.

In the story of Adam and Eve, how the Bible says “in the beginning” God commanded them to take care of a Garden of Eden. What a gift! A turn-key operation—all systems perfectly designed. The entire world was theirs, and their only responsibility was to care for garden, to TEND it, take care of it, not to work themselves into the ground.

I believe our responsibility, as today's business owners and managers, is the same!
Apple from the Garden of Eden
End the curse…
“What’s the Garden of Eden got to do with business?" Well, I believe Adam and Eve's story has some meaning.

Business owners and managers hold countless meetings over and over, talking about the same old problems just a different day with employees, attempting to keep things running smoothly. All the while, these owners and managers continue to have constant interruptions from their staff who seek guidance. They do this because they can do their jobs and the real reason is because there are no systems or standard processes to keep them on track. This is what I would call “the curse”!? You may have called it “business as usual!
Tend to your business  I call those frustrations “ System Busters!

In our Garden of Eden story, Adam and Eve were told to “tend” the garden. They were given a great system to manage the Garden’s day-to-day issues and upkeep. So, with this perfect system, Adam and Eve could spend their days “tending” the garden, enjoying the "fruits" of their labors, without the constant frustration of pests, drought, and other things that can cause chaos in a garden. So long as they followed the system there would be no chaos. There was one rule they could not do. But, like most human beings, they proved capable of botching up a two-person apple festival.

Okay, so let’s replace “tend the garden” with “tend the business.” When you started your business it most likely was a less than perfect circumstances, with little if any carefully considered processes for operating your business day-to-day operations. You were probably trying to just get by as it started to grow. Taken care of only what needed taken care of and let the rest fall between the cracks to take care of it later. So, why is it not surprising that when things go wrong in an unkempt “garden”, things tend to get worse.

It's now later so now for the good news!

Our toil—our work—was never supposed to be chaotic or an overwhelming burden. So, use some of that “toiling” time thinking about creating your sustainable systems that will manage and in reality STOP most of the chaos?

With a little effort you can have the right systems in place, your company, like a well-kept Garden of Eden, will only need a little trim here and there. Or you can just keep fighting the weeds!

With better systems in place all we have to do is tend to our business and enjoy watching it grow!

Here’s how to have a well-kept garden…
Seven Types of Waste to Remove from your Business View PDF
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The Power of Checklists—the Cure for CHAOS! View PDF
System Busters: How to Stop Them In Your BusinessORDER HERE or AMAZON
Did I mention—Great Systems Work?
LowPrintPrice is Beyerprinting using System100 to reduce waste, chaos, automate workflow and improve productivity.