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LowPrintPrice President's Messages are entertaining and informative on various site updates and how to remove chaos in your business.

rich guy Where will your business be in 6 months?

• Troubled with too much chaos in your business?
• Losing revenues from resources and wasted time?
• Stressed about recurring errors?
• Missing important order deadlines?
• Repeatedly training and retraining personnel?
• Business difficult to keep orderly and clean?
• No time for personal life?

If you said ‘Yes’, I can feel your pain. My business had these hurdles to over come several years ago. It took a decade to develop what I call the “100% system”.

So, where do you begin? 

Two kids ...PLUS one can of paint...PLUS no one around...EQUALS

No Systems for Your Employees. EQUALS CHAOS!!

Adults don't need supervision, they need QUALITY SYSTEMS!

So, where do you start?     

the Great Recession Did you Act Too Late during
—The Great Recession?

• Cut Staff too late?
• Cut Salaries too late?
• Called your vendors to reduce costs too late?

Did you lose?
• 20% of your business
• 30% of your business
• 60% of your business

If you had it to do all over again, how much money could you have saved by acting sooner?

Return to old profit levels
Reduce the Chaos & Waste up to 70%
It’s Not Too Late!

stressed Symptoms vary from mild to severe!

HEADACHES over recurring mistakes
HAIR LOSS due to losing money from wasted time & resources
PANIC ATTACKS from missing deadlines
ULCERS from making excuses to customers
INSOMNIA from long hours training & retraining personnel
RED EYE from over working and no personal life
ANGER OUTBURST keeping your business clean and orderly
MEMORY LOSS from interruptions with the same questions
CONFUSION from the chaos in your business

So Where Do You Start to regain your health?
Marketing professionals know the value of a Client List
—in fact, they will insist it’s the most valuable asset in a business, a virtual GOLD MINE.

That being the case—why do many businesses seem to ignore that fact, and fail to treat their Client List like the valued asset it is?  Why do we look for new clients, if we haven’t MINED the ones we already have in our Client List?

If your Client List is so valuable, shouldn’t you dig deeper and get the most out of it, rather than simply using it for an address book?

What steps should be taken to MINE your own business?
battles in your company
Un-Civil War in Your Company
Your day starts off well enough, then suddenly there’s a major argument -- worse, a knock down, drag-out fight between staff members in production or the front office. But, of course, this never happens at your company!

Really? Well, it has happened in mine -- and it happens in other companies, if an owner or manager is perfectly honest. In fact, in my twenty-plus years of being a business owner, I have found myself right in the middle of such confrontations a time or two, sad to say!
Why does Un-Civil War happen?
What’s rocking the world of the “Baby Boomers”?

In this still-unfolding “Great Recession,” many Boomers have lost their businesses, homes; their life savings and retirement funds. Many have been forced to forfeit their careers and abandon their dreams—not to mention any hopes of passing on the family business.

Who’s at fault could depend on your political point of view—but, that’s not the thrust of this article.



It’s time to get out of the rocking chair …and fight back!
Wake up! It is time to get out of the rocking chair
What’s a Sticky System? Gap Filler for your Business
I’ve heard countless stories from frustrated business owners about how they have implemented procedures to run their business, only to see these systems ignored, if not completely discarded by their employees.

An Operations Manual…a once important Mission Statement… even the original Vision for a business...gets lost in the piles of paper and good intentions. Still, you long to see your business grow.

So, how do you make good systems STICK?

Are You Toiling or Tending in Your Business?
Most business owners tend to TOIL, more than they ever imagined! They spend their time working long hours, putting out fires, dealing with recurring mistakes, and finding themselves too worn out to enjoy the fruit of their labor.

Maybe you’re familiar with the story of Adam and Eve, how “in the beginning” God gave them instructions to take care of a Garden. What a gift! A turn-key operation—all systems perfectly designed. The entire world was suddenly theirs, and the only thing they were required to do was TEND or take care of it, not to work themselves into the ground.

I believe our assignment, as today’s business owners and managers, is the same!
Apple from the Garden of Eden
End the curse…

Fire Can't Live Without a Source
How many times have you heard an owner or manager say, “My title should be head fireman—I’m constantly putting out fires”?  I sometimes wonder if these “firemen” have ever considered finding the source of those “fires”—the root cause!  

I’ve come to understand you can’t have a fire if you don’t have a source. It makes sense that, if an owner or manager would take time to eradicate the source, their fires would be extinguished permanently.

Imagine, when you eliminate every source of every fire in your business, you could take off your Fireman’s hat, put on your Marketing hat, and really grow your business! After all, isn’t growing your business what you desire to do? Wouldn’t it be nice to take time away from your business without worrying, that the whole place might go up in flames?
Apple from the Garden of Eden
If you want to retire your Fireman’s hat—there is a way to extinguish those flames forever!
Sound the Alarm…   

How is a Wedding Ring like a Great Business System?
A wedding ring is an unbroken circle, a symbol of a union for life.  A great business system should also be an unbroken circle of processes that forms a union that will run an organization for life —even when the honeymoon (startup) is over.

The closer you get to designing your system—a complete circle with no gaps—the more continuous a system will operate without coming to a stand still.

When you reach your goalof totally organizing your business, through well-designed systemization, you will be the proud owner of a golden ring of systems that operate in perpetual motion without constant supervision.
Gold Ring2

Is it your goal to own a turnkey business that will keep on giving, even when you are not present?

It's possible…   

OSHA loves companies with a Great Business System!

Becuase everyone in the company worked diligently to have systems in place - I knew I could take off and things would run smoothly anytime I wanted to leave. It was October 31st when I decided to leave early because I knew things were in order. So on my way out the front door, my mind was set to take care of more enjoying tasks with my wife. While I was driving home, I got the call "OSHA is here to inspect"! I thought at the time that was a good "Trick or Treat" joke but it was no joke.

I took the next exit off the freeway and hurried back. The OSHA inspector was waiting to interview me first.

You decide was it Trick or Treat?
Read More

Gold Ring2
LowPrintPrice is Beyerprinting using System100 to reduce waste, chaos, automate workflow and improve productivity.