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Do you know the value of your Client List?
Marketing professionals will insist it’s the most valuable asset in a business, a virtual GOLD MINE.

If a Clients list is so valuable, why do many businesses seem to not take into account that their Client List is a valued? Why does a business look for new clients, if we haven’t MINED the ones we already have in our Client List?

If your underground Client List is so valuable, shouldn’t you extract the most out of it, rather than simply kepping it buried by only using it for an address book?

What MINING techniques should be taken in your business?
Hopefully your client list is in some type of electronic data base—i.e. an MIS system, Outlook, Accounting Software etc.

The worth of your dream client list is not to be underestimated, it's a priceless commodity and you begin by making it high priority to secure, update, and maintain it for maximum use.

You say, “I KNOW all that!” … Okay, but…

• Have you ever sent an email or made a phone call, only to find there’s been a change?

• Have you ever lost client data due to computer viruses, failure to backup data, or some other disaster?

• Have you ever shipped an order to a customer only to discover they’ve relocated?

• Have you ever mailed a promotion piece only to get it back stamped Return to Sender?
Any process should have a control checklist that needs to be fulfilled time after time and error free. It should not be left to a hit-or-miss, "Russian Roulette" approach. Inputting your data is a processand it needs to be done consistently, without fail and without gaps. Do away with the “Oops I forgot!” mentality—or the one that really annoys me the most, “My bad!”

Control checklists are systems!

Types of Control Checklists that will insure—in fact, guarantee—your data is updated, secured and MINED to add value to your business:

Data Entry Checklist
When a Customer Service Representative, sales person or estimator enters an order into production or does an estimate, the client’s/prospect’s information should be complete, not missing any data—(i.e. Company Name, Address, Emails, Phone Numbers, Contacts for orders, Contacts for invoicing, Contacts for production issues, emergency numbers, etc.)
You will rapidly notice as you build up your Data Entry Checklist what other information would add value to your gold mine —(i.e. number of employees, size of company, products line, etc.)

New Customer Set-up Checklist
There should be prompts on your checklist like the ones on the Data Entry Checklist. Plus prompts for entering all account information, client credit information, business hours, delivery locations, key personnel, direct phone numbers to by pass gate keepers etc. With this checklist you will steer clear of calling a new customer over and over to fill in missing information.

red check list Daily Routine Checklists (DRC) for Key Personnel
The DRC is a fantastic tool which can insure you're marketing to your clients or prospects constantly. You shouldn't wait to when sales are down or the sales department needs a shot in the arm or someone has a bright idea.
Add a prompt on a DRC to follow up a few days after they receive their order with a courtesy call.

Add a prompt on a CSR list to apply a NEW CUSTOMER label which will inform production to pay particular attention this order.
Add a prompt on someone's DRC to send an email responder the first of every month with a special coupon to all customers and prospects.

There should be prompts on managers DRC's to complete computer backups to insure your data security.

We have extensively mined our own business by using Daily Routine Checklists, Quality Control Checklists, and Service Control Checklists throughout our companies to systemize our marketing, quality, and service.

The possibilities are endless for bringing order and value to your business!

Did I mention—Great Systems Work?
LowPrintPrice is Beyerprinting using System100 to reduce waste, chaos, automate workflow and improve productivity.