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Sticky Systems Bringing Sustainable Order to Your Business
Glue bottle There are innumerable stories about procedures being implemented to run a business, only to see these systems disregarded, if not totally unobserved by employees. It starts off with the employees using these systems then in a short time span they think they don't need systems to do their work. Things start slowing coming unglued which has frustrated countless business owners over the years.

The work flow of operations, job descriptions, an operations manual, a mission statement, or the original Vision for the company has become lost in someone's desk or in piles of paper, the back room filing cabinet of good intentions. Envious of other successful businesses growing, you long to see your business do the same.

I was envious and wanted my business to grow. If they could do it so could I. It became my mission to stop the chaos in our company by installing written systems. It became difficult to keep them sticking as they quickly came unglued. I thought of giving up after all I hired great employees. When I gave up, the escalating of chaos return to business as usual. That was it! I needed to take a new look at my original vision of a successful business growing.

Our “business as usual” meant—all employees did things the WAY they wanted to, WHEN they wanted to, and sometimes IF they wanted to.

If the business was going to thrive, it was crucial ALL OF US needed to get on board with a Standard operating procedures! What was needed was “Sustainable Order”! And, once implemented, I wouldn’t have to police the processes were being used properly. With much research, I was convinced of a way to put into operation written processes employees would use over and over again—100% of the time—Systems that would STICK.

So, how did we get ALL OF US using our well-planned systems?

We did it by implementing another system! This new system was the missing link, a new system to make all operating systems in the company unified—a “sticky system” was developed, proven, and have come to depend on for more than 15 years now!

So, what is a Sticky System?

A Sticky System begins with written POLICIES, PROCEDURES and CHECKLISTS that work together to give clear understanding to all. This becomes your OPERATIONS MANUAL—the processes that run all parts of your company. Every member of your company should have quick access to the Operations Manual empowering them to do their job without constant supervision.

Now to keep your systems from coming un-glued—here’s the sticky part…

The reason my procedures were being disregarded was because there was a hole in the System. There wasn't a company wide "System" to insure ALL employees followed the system.

Think of a system like a circuit board an engineer designs and then tests until it works perfectly. It should not have any breaks or gaps in the circuit, unless it is a planned break.

The more the gaps in a system are closed and refined, the better it will work with less and less effort.

In this diagram on the right. The owners and managers are the fire fighters in a business. Because there are gaps in their business system wheel, fires will break out. They put out the fire and go on to the next fire but seldom stop to find the root cause of the fire and end it for good. When you want to stop fighting company fires of chaos, we have the glue for building those STICKY SYSTEMS!
  manages putting out fire
Here’s more STICKY glue…
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Super Glue…
System Busters: How to Stop Them In Your BusinessORDER HERE or AMAZON
Did I mention—Great Systems Work?
LowPrintPrice is Beyerprinting using System100 to reduce waste, chaos, automate workflow and improve productivity.