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End Fire Fights By Systemizing your Business
Are Fires of Chaos Consuming Your Business?
There have been countless times I've heard an owner or manager say, “My title should be chief fireman, Head of the fire brigade—I’m constantly putting out fires”? I've often wondered if these “chief firemen” have ever consider discovering the actual cause of those “fires”—the root cause!

It didn't take long for me to realize you can't have a fire if you don’t have a source. It's totally understandable that, if an owner or manager would stop to investigate the source of the fire (not necessarily where the fires are) and then take time to do away with the source, their fires would be extinguished permanently.

Envision, after eliminating the source of every fire in your company, the Fireman’s hat can be hung up for good and that gives time to put on your Marketing hat to really grow the company! After all, isn’t growing your company without the fear of these fires is what you desire? Wouldn’t it be nice not to worry that the company might go up in flames when you take time away?

Are you ready to retire your RED Fireman’s hat?

Where do you begin eliminating the source of your fires forever?

Begin with a promise to commit, that no matter how small a spark that starts the fire, you're not only going to put the fire out, but you will record, investigate, and find that spark—the root cause. Next step: with participation from your employees, you will put in a SYSTEM which will do away with the source of that spark. Everyone has to stop thinking that, “Chaos is normal in business.” It is simply NOT normal!

After saying a statement like that, I've heard many say, “What type of SYSTEM will put out all my fire fights”? The SYSTEM I am talking about is actually a network of systems that will work in concert, to eliminate the spark before they turn into a fire, i.e. Control Checklists, procedures, policies, etc.

With a simple start of an uncomplicated Quality Control Checklists have save companies thousands of dollars a year. The first company where I observed these flame-ending systems working, was my own. Since I started, numerous of times my employees have told me the success on using the systems, plus our clients and other companies all over the world have enjoyed success also.
Tend to your business I want to share a TRUE STORY about our company with the first time we used a Quality Control Checklist: We had to stop the errors (sparks/fires) in our small pressroom, as it wasn't profitable as it should be—plus we had other small fires breaking out all over our company. So we started there with a Quality Control Checklist for insuring the quality and accuracy of a order before it went on the press.

On Day #1, With our first check list in hand, I walked into the pressroom and gathered the other employees in production around a counter for a demonstration on how to use our new checklist. I instructed the seasoned press operator to set up a print job and get the order ready for approval.
After the first sheet was printed, the press operator brought it to us to review the checklist. I took Printing Job Ticket, which contain all the information for printing the print job along with the new checklist and started reviewing the checklist one check box or prompt at a time.

The first prompt on the checklist: INK COLOR -
The ink color printed on the first sheet was compared with the ink written on the Printing Job Ticket and the color swatch. It matched perfectly. A check was placed in the box by the prompt.

Next prompt: PAPER TYPE and THICKNESS -
I compared the paper type of the letterhead with the paper type specified on the Job Ticket and it also was correct. So I put a check by it.

Next prompt: PAPER COLOR -
The Printing Job Ticket color paper requirement was for the color gray. So we all looked at the paper color in the press and it wasn't gray but a cream paper color. We all looked at each other and we knew the WRONG paper color was in the press! You should have seen the expression on everyone’s face as we were about to print 10,000 of this print order incorrectly.

What luck when we used a checklist on the first try and it saved a job from having to be reprinted! This checklist saved us from having a very disappointed customer and the extra expense of doing the order twice. From that moment on, I didn’t have to prove to everyone that using a checklist saved time and money. I was fortunate and I believe that was some what providential, as we started out with our first system, to stop fires at their source. It worked!

The Press operator from that day forward became one of our strongest supporters of the checklist system. By using this Quality Control Checklist, his rework, due to errors, almost went to zero.

Using control checklists throughout our company have saved thousands of dollars and hours. They can make the difference between success and failure, especially in poor economic times.
manages putting out fire
Here’s how to extinguish fires in your company…
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The Power of Checklists—the Cure for CHAOS! View PDF
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Did I mention—Great Systems Work?
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