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End Fire Fights By Systemizing your Business
How is a Golden Ring like a Great Business System?
Gold Ring2 These golden rings represents a complete circle, an illustration of a union for life. A great business system is also a complete circle, with processes that forms a union that will smoothly operate a company for life, even when the honeymoon is over.

As you become committed in designing your system—a complete solid circle of your business operations, the more uninterrupted a system will function nonstop or in other word without coming to a stand still.

When you accomplish your objective of thoroughly organizing your company with a well-designed systemization—you will become a proud holder of a golden ring of systems that function in perpetual motion without continuous management.

Isn’t that your goal—to own a turnkey business that will keep on giving, even when you are not present?

Golden Ring systems have saved thousand of hours of time
and dollars; for my company and many others.

Consider the following:

Why do companies on the rise add more and more managers?
It’s due to gaps, holes, incomplete processes in their Golden Ring Systems. So, they insert managers to bridge the gap. These managers duties are to
constrain the chaos caused by the gaps of an incomplete system. Systems duties are to remove the chaos.

Why do companies have meetings after meetings?
Because there are continuous gaps in their Golden Ring Systems. So, management calls meetings to bridge the gaps of chaos so they can cross over to the other side. The gaps are still there and the bridge is a temporary fix eluding that the problem is solved. However, as more gaps arise, there are more meetings to deal with repeat errors. Gaps and meetings are costly!

What is a GAP in a system?
Gaps in a well run business is not normal. Gaps are: mistakes, bottlenecks, late deliveries, miscommunications, unnecessary interruptions, misplaced inventory, etc. We call GAPS “System Busters.” Gaps are the cause of lost profits, arguments, discouragement, stress and even business failure. You have to stop the bridging of gaps and fill them in to keep them from consuming your business!

What types of systems/documents make up this Golden Ring System?
Daily Routine Checklists, Quality and Service Control Checklists, Procedures, Policies, Job Descriptions, and Orientation Checklists, etc.

managers fire
What are the key ingredients in order to obtain a perfect Golden ring System?

Context and Understanding
The language of the document/system must clearly explain the procedures and activity to be performed, so any employee can easily comprehend and fully understand.

All employees the system/document will affect should be allowed to share their ideas before a system is implemented. As the system is implemented, these same employees should also be involved in the testing, revising and updating the system. When a Gap appears this participation will correct the process that caused the Gap before the Gap gets bigger and bigger.

Consistency in the documentation should be used every time, to avoid confusion in references and terms. It is helpful to standardize your fonts, headers and page layout. As an example of word consistency: refer to an item in one document as a cell phone, and NOT in another document as a mobile phone.

There should be an easy path to follow with no missing information, logic, or design.

A systematic follow-up on systems is imperative to insure they are being used properly.

To help guarantee the system/documents will not be lost and forgotten they should connect with a reference to other frequently-used documents.

Final Approval
Always remember, it starts at the top. And you need to know how the Golden Ring System is designed to work throughout your business. While other employees/managers are given the assignment of building a system for their area, you should give the finishing approval as the head of the company!

This Golden Ring System works effectively, not only in my company, but in other companies and franchises all over America—Pepsi, Dell, Whirlpool, DuPont, and thousands of other successful companies that seem to keep moving ahead, continually improving, even in bad economic times.

What companies will continue to exist through severe economic times?
Those having Great Ring Systems? Or companies that use the shoot-from-the-hip or fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants approach?

I’ll let you decide.

System Busters: How to Stop Them In Your BusinessORDER HERE or AMAZON
Did I mention—Great Systems Work?
LowPrintPrice is Beyerprinting using System100 to reduce waste, chaos, automate workflow and improve productivity.