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rich guy Where will your business be in 6 months?

• Troubled with too much chaos in your business?
• Losing revenues from wasted resources and time?
• Stressed about recurring errors?
• Missing important order deadlines?
• Repeatedly training and retraining personnel?
• Business difficult to keep orderly and clean?
• Limited time for personal life?

If you said ‘Yes’, I understand completely and feel your pain. My business had hurdles like these to over come several years ago. It took a decade to develop what I call the “100% system”.

So, where do you begin?   
You begin by facing reality—the reality your business has chaos, and reconciling you need to bring order to your company daily activities! The decision needs to be made to STOP the chaos or continue the pain! Chaos is NOT “normal”—your business can run without it.

In 1993 my five-year-old printing company was in total chaos, and I had to come to my reality—I needed help to bring order to the daily activities of my company. I knew that organization wasn’t enough! We needed the right systems to manage projects and sustain order in every area of the company.

As you are doing, I began reading AND researching...

Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth, said: “YOU are the problem … YOU have always been the problem … YOU will always be the problem … until YOU change!”  Ouch!

Researching, I learned my business goals had to be re-evaluated…

  •  What do I need to personally change to increase my business?
  •  Where do I want the business to be in 6 months?
  •  How do I want the business to run?
  •  How do I improve our quality and service? 
I began creating a list!

This monumental list grew and grew from the “thousands” of things, big and small, that I needed to accomplish every day. Everything needed to be written so, I began to download everything I knew about my business. The list included every single thing I did from the time I walked in the door until I left. After a while, just looking at this list was exhausting!

After writing everything I knew about my business, I discovered, my first list was only the beginning, as I tried to make sense of my own role in my business. My list included: Open shop at 7:00am, turn off alarm, turn on lights, check phone messages and read email, prioritize and perform normal daily projects—all the way down to: turn out the lights, set the alarm, and lock the door. What a great list I created, but in fact, I needed to expand the detail of how I accomplished each item on my list. This was a step-by-step process, including what forms or tools I used (where they should be kept, how they were updated/reordered, etc.), and how much time it took for each task.

I wanted to focus on running the business smoother, however, I was often taken off-task with countless “small” tasks and constant interruptions which added to hours lost spent on growth considerations and business planning. I wondered in disappointment— Why doesn’t someone else do those things without me having to ask,” like turning off lights, calling for repairs, ordering things on-time so we don’t run out, cleaning up the break room, replacing toilet paper rolls, reading their own computer manual so I was not always being called to the rescue—etc. etc.  “Why can’t some of this stuff be on someone else’s list to do?”  Now, THERE was a thought!!

Every staff member was asked to create their list: a list of everything they did each day and this included the step-by-step process. This list revealed some of my workers were filled to capacity with routine tasks while others were frequently looking for things to do. So, DAILY ROUTINE CHECKLISTS (DRC) were created for every employee for every position in our company. Tasks were assigned to certain employees and some tasks were reassigned to others. Tasks committed to memory were now listed on an employees DRC, to check off as completed—including references to forms and step-by-step procedures for performing virtually every process and task. My company’s Operations Manual began taking shape. In little time, recurring mistakes became almost non-events, and our company waste ratio dropped more than 70% in the first few months.

My company’s Operations Manual began taking shape. In short order, recurring mistakes became almost non-events, and our company waste ratio dropped more than 70% in the first few months. 

You can learn more about how to systemize your business at

Did I mention—Great Systems Work?
LowPrintPrice is Beyerprinting using System100 to reduce waste, chaos, automate workflow and improve productivity.